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Pigeon feed

Thinking of your hobby…

Kampol, basing on the long term experience and the combination of nature with the up-to-date technology, developed the newest line of pigeon feed Kampol + Kampol Dynamico.

Though we have produced pigeon feed for many years, developing such a wide range of products was not an easy task. Thus, we are convinced that you have before never had so many opportunities for your hobby.

As a market leader, we add to our feed those ingredients, which enable the proper growth of pigeons in a natural way and care about their health. As a consequence, our feeds allow to breed pigeons economically and effectively. We use the latest developments without hesitation, which makes it possible to be always one step before our competitors.

In 2010 we started the newest, fully automated feed plant, controlled by the computer system software, which constantly controls the production process.

This advanced technology and the selection of only high-quality grains allows to obtain the best quality products, which meet the European standards and requirements of HACCP.

The implemented systems require a permanent laboratory control.

We, periodically, conduct microbiological test and analyses for levels of salmonella, pesticides, heavy metals, anaerobic bacteria and fungi. All analyses are under veterinary supervision.

Thanks to our transport fleet and widespread sales network at home and abroad, our products are accessible and our retail prices are always competitive, which is crucial for every client.

The new!!! Our packages are perforated and we offer you 25 kg, 20 kg and10 kg bags. Our offer includes great variety of pigeon feed. Therefore, each breeder may develop his own feeding scheme. We always admire and respect breeders for their knowledge, time and effort put in the maintenance of pigeons on the global level. We wish you lots of success and satisfying results.

Let this hobby should bloom and get more popular.

Choose Polish company KAMPOL – check us out and get convinced that cooperation with us guarantees success!!!

Please feel invited to have a look at our offer of pigeon feed by KAMPOL.


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